edlangExperimental statically-typed compiled programming language made with LLVM and Rust. 46 hours
ddnetDDraceNetwork, a mod of Teeworlds 2 days
inkwellIt's a New Kind of Wrapper for Exposing LLVM (Safely) 6 days
edgarluque.comMy personal blog, powered by zola. 6 days
lalrpop-jsonA JSON parser using lalrpop in Rust. 4 weeks
sitewriterA rust library to generate sitemaps. 8 weeks
edg-lUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 8 weeks
PascalMLIRA Pascal Compiler using LLVM MLIR 2 months
aoc2023Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 3 months
this-week-in-rustData for 3 months
aoc2023-nasmUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 3 months
llvm-projectThe LLVM Project is a collection of modular and reusable compiler and toolchain technologies. 3 months
teecityThe tee city has gone to madness 4 months
teeconfigA ddnet / teeworlds configuration parser. 4 months
wasm-stuffrust wasm experiments 4 months
teeobserverThis tool continuously fetches the DDNet master server and observes the changes, broadcasting the events and providing a API. 5 months
ddstatsA DDNet / teeworlds fancy information frontend. 5 months
ddnet-map-diffA DDNet map diff tool made in Rust. 5 months
ddnet-map-genA map generator made in Rust using twmap 5 months
meliorThe rustic MLIR bindings in Rust, continued 6 months
libtw2Some Teeworlds stuff in Rust 6 months
teerenderA blazingly fast tee skin renderer web service, with custom colors. 6 months
mediawiki-extensions-EmbedVideoGDPR focused EmbedVideo. Supports YouTube, Twitch, Spotify and SoundCloud 6 months
discord-skin-upload-botA bot that helps and automates skin uploading to the databse 7 months
rustEmpowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software. 7 months
smolmapUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 8 months
TeeAIA project that probably i'll never end... 9 months
melior-nextThe rustic MLIR bindings in Rust, continued 10 months
nom-bencodeA bencode parser written with nom. 10 months
paypal-rsA rust library that wraps the paypal api asynchronously in a strongly typed manner. 11 months
homebrew-tapMy custom brew tap repo 12 months
teeintA teeworlds variable int packer/unpacker in Rust. 12 months
DalamudPluginsD17Dalamud plugin manifests 12 months
ddnet-scriptsThe magic scripts that make DDNet run 14 months
lc3-rsA lc-3 VM implementation. 15 months
teemasterparserCommand line tool to parse and analyze data from 15 months
hurlHurl, run and test HTTP requests with plain text. 16 months
rustymanHuffman compression and decompression implemented in rust 16 months
treelightA syntax highlighter for the web using tree-sitter. 17 months
ryoOSToy project to learn OS dev with rust 17 months
MareSyncServerMare Synchronos Web Service 19 months
ddnet-web-modernA rework of the website with the objective to make it more maintainable by others and modernize it. 22 months
ddnet-webStatic part of DDNet's website: 22 months
MC-FansA minecraft fabric mod that adds fans that push mobs and/or players. 22 months
teeworldsA retro multiplayer shooter 23 months
nompdfA PDF parser written in Rust using nom. 2 years
ddnet-authserviceWIP/RFC ddnet auth service using ed25519 pub key auth. 2 years
teestatusLibrary to retrieve information from teeworlds servers and related mods. 3 years
mangadex-rsAn unofficial asynchronous mangadex API wrapper for rust 3 years
MultiServerChatUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 3 years
modelizerUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 3 years
rustackA fullstack web template for rust 3 years
tshock-referencesUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 3 years
crev-proofsCrev proof repository 3 years
formyA rust derive macro to generate HTML forms from structs. 3 years
shorustA simple url shortener server made in rust. 3 years
payhelperTools to make it easier to code paypal-rs. (e.g auto generating repetitive code) 3 years
ddnet-libsPrecompiled libraries and headers of the dependencies of DDNet 3 years
discord.aioAn asynchronous Discord API wrapper for python 3 years
twstatus.pyGet information about teeworlds/ddnet servers. Requires python >= 3.6 3 years
teelibA teeworlds library for python. 3 years
teeworlds-server-statusGet information about teeworlds/ddnet servers. 3 years
showcaseA showcase of various websites/forms/etc 3 years
SuperSDLA game engine using SDL and vulkan. WIP 3 years
TeeSmashA teeworlds mod 3 years
MC-HelperBotA bot that will answer users questions without any command. (spigot plugin) 3 years
DiscordiaCreates a chat bridge between discord and minecraft. 3 years
PyBotA bot that uses server logs to listen for commands and send answers with fifo, made with python (DDnet) 4 years
teeworlds-master-serverHTTPS Teeworlds master server implemented in Go 4 years
SimpleGameA game (and engine) made in pure C using SDL2 4 years
hexo-theme-cactus:cactus: A responsive, clean and simple theme for Hexo. 4 years
ForceBlocksA minecraft mod that adds blocks which will apply a force to you when walking over them. 4 years
MinecraftForgeModifications to the Minecraft base files to assist in compatibility between mods. 4 years
ddnet-map-libTypescript ddnet map library 4 years
ddnet7DDNet port to TW 0.7 4 years
stUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 5 years
CRepoRepostory with random C stuff 5 years
dwmUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 5 years
MinersGatewip 5 years
GForceA Physics library, under dev. 5 years
SISAFIBUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 5 years
ddnet-modern-webDDNet web using Flask and yattag 5 years
generator-typexpressYeoman generator to create an up to date express application with typescript. 6 years
TShockPluginTemplateA TShock plugin template for vs2017, comes with a database and config class 6 years
sdl2_cmake_game_templateUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 6 years
kag-map-editorA King Arthur's Gold game map editor powered by Python 6 years
DiscordBridgeA TShock plugin that enables chat between terraria and a discord channel. 6 years
HelperBotA TShock plugin 6 years
ByteNetworkA really simple C# networking library, UDP. 6 years
ByteFileA library to handle raw file reading and writing. 6 years
MC-BannedWordsA plugin to censor words, for spigotmc 7 years
teeworlds-server-infoUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 7 years
BannedWordsA TShock plugin to censor words 7 years
StaffApplyA plugin for TShock (Terraria) 7 years
TeleportRequestAdds teleport request commands for TShock. 7 years
CalculatorA calculator plugin for TShock 7 years
StreamToolBoxGenerates useful text files which can be formatted, and then displayed on OBS 7 years
ddnet-web-reworkedReworked ddnet web using nodejs and Express for backend, pugjs (jade) for rendering and bootstrap-v4 for frontend 7 years
HistoryLogs history as a plugin for TShock. 7 years
DDNet_Server_GUIA little program for windows that let you configure your server with a GUI 7 years
lidgren-network-gen3Lidgren Network Library 8 years
war3Teeworlds War3 Mod 8 years